Creative Teams & Budgeting

With Global Financials by Office

  • Global Reporting by Contract Status Categories

  • Reporting by Office & Your Status Categories

  • Currency Conversion to Base Currency

  • Team Management across Offices

Creative Teams & Budgeting

Budgeting application covering revenues and overheads, by office, country, with currency conversion to a base currency. Reporting by revenue and overhead categories, by office and globally.

Overheads follow a traditional monthly average (or quarterly or other), while revenues represent sales activity by month to give as accurate a monthly snapshot as possible, data-input dependent obviously. Reporting is data-driven but spreadsheet style.

These are the core components we have organized into folders as a starter "Creative Teams & Budgeting" Platform.

You can start with this using our default set up, and modify it later with us if you want.

You can drag and drop re-order these to get a feel, but to actually modify or add components choose "create & modify".

Start with Platform
  • Budgeting & Financials
  • Reports - Global & By Office
  • Contracts
  • Status Categories
  • Overheads
  • Countries
  • Offices
  • Consultants / People
  • Currencies
  • VAT rates
  • Groups & Communications
  • Manage Groups & Networks.
  • Email Communications
  • Introduce
  • Endorsements / Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Reward Programmes
  • Marketing & Media
  • News, Blogs, Articles, Notices
  • Event Management
  • Projects - Play
  • Image Management.
  • Image Categories
  • Slideshows & Carousels
  • Media
  • FAQs
  • Administration
  • About Us / Profile
  • People
  • Google Maps & Directions v3
  • Area and District Management
  • Logins: multi user levels
  • Account & Transaction History
  • Set Up / configuration options

Getting started: What you need.

To start using this you need:

  • At least one office
  • At least one category of revenue - you can have multiple categories
  • A cost structure for your overheads
  • At least one member of staff.

That is it. You can start entering sales, both potential and according to your own criteria. So for a bespoke manufacturing facility you might choose "pending",  "in production" and "completed" as revenue criteria.