Commercial & Retail

With Voucher Promotions

  • Online payments

  • Delivery Options

  • Product Mark Up

  • Customer Segmentation & Marketing

Commercial & Retail

The commercial package provides simple and advanced product management options with tabbed features, benefits and specification pages. Take orders with advanced pricing options, provide affiliate rewards.

These are the core components we have organized into folders as a starter "Commercial & Retail" Platform.

You can start with this using our default set up, and modify it later with us if you want.

You can drag and drop re-order these to get a feel, but to actually modify or add components choose "create & modify".

Start with Platform
  • Commerce
  • Products & Services
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Deliveries
  • Discounts & Vouchers
  • Merchant Accounts / Paypal
  • Marketing & Media
  • News, Blogs, Articles, Notices
  • Event Management
  • Projects - Play
  • Image Management.
  • Image Categories
  • Slideshows & Carousels
  • Media
  • FAQs
  • Projects & Mark Up
  • Interactive Projects, Products and things
  • Project Groups
  • Image Management.
  • Image Categories
  • Shared Projects
  • Media
  • Interactive Applications
  • Groups & Communications
  • Manage Groups & Networks.
  • Email Communications
  • Introduce
  • Endorsements / Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Reward Programmes
  • Administration
  • About Us / Profile
  • People
  • Google Maps & Directions v3
  • Area and District Management
  • Logins: multi user levels
  • Account & Transaction History
  • Set Up / configuration options

Getting started: What you need.

To be up and running your need:

  • Your company / start up and / or subsidiary addresses
  • Products and / or services with images,
  • Pricing information with pricing categories if there are multiple pricing options (e.g. size, or colour).
  • For online transactions PayPal is the default requiring a PayPal address
  • For deliveries you will need to enter postcode and service criteria.

As you add your content you will see your "app" menu self generate with the required ordering systems through to checkout.

For product mark up good graphics or photographs are essential. These will enable you to (for example):

  • Create animated instruction manuals that play like video
  • Interactive retail displays that provide a product tour ("drilling down" to product tours).