GoesGlobal - framework for bespoke applications.

This is a framework of components and tools for building mobile friendly business and project platforms. Select a pre-configured package, or create your own bespoke combination of tools.

Our implementations cover everything from global financial budgeting platforms with currency conversion, to 'just in time' local appointment booking applications with journey times. You can use a project based domain e.g.: "your project.goesglobal.com" or we can set you up with your own domain. You can start using your selection right away. Or just start with a list ...

Business, Community & Project Platforms

These platforms are pre-configured, but can be used, recreated and modified as required by clicking through. Choose a platform and either start with it as is, or add components or your own requests.

Commercial & Retail

With Voucher Promotions
The commercial package provides simple and advanced product management options with tabbed features, benefits and specification pages. Take orders with advanced pricing options, provide affiliate rewards.

Mobile Professional

Appointment Booking with Journey Times
The Mobile Professional provides people / staff, availability and appointment management in addition to the core commercial package features. Advanced pricing options can be applied to different types of services & times.

Mobile Engineer / Technical

With On Site Troubleshooting
Mark up technical installations, and / or supporting component replacements with how to's to support on-site troubleshooting by engineers. Appointment booking can be based on the mobile professional model, or on optimized journey routes.

Business / Commercial Centres

With Interactive Centres / Parks
Manage units, tenants, availability and site maintenance through interactive interfaces. Promote property / unit specifications and location benefits with supporting media.

Property Development

With Interactive Site Maps
Property management combined with interactive site maps enable a range of applications from construction phase to completion. Details, specifications, floor plans, property types and supporting media are all supported.

Property Agency & Rentals

With Interior Mark Up
Property Agency & Rentals combines property details, terms, availability, locations with directions, with the advanced image management tools for slideshows and promotions. Proximity content lets you promote local attractions and activities.

Hotels & Holiday Accommodation

With Rooms & Chalet Booking
Hotels, Chalets & Accommodation provides room, or property based booking arrangements for user definable periods (day, week etc.), with reward programmes, transfer bookings, and personalized maps, floor plans, tours & slideshows.

Resort: Holiday and Residential

A Complete Suite
The Resort package includes bookings and accomodation for rooms and chalets, event and activity management, interactive resort maps, technical and repairs support, team management ... potentially every component could be applied to this suite.

Creative Teams & Budgeting

With Global Financials by Office
Budgeting application covering revenues and overheads, by office, country, with currency conversion to a base currency. Reporting by revenue and overhead categories, by office and globally.

Global District Community Applications:

Each of these platforms can either be expanded into a community, or include a community dimension: this is expanded in further detail at www.globaldistrict.com. A major benefit to sharing or creating a group for using an application is that associated or complimentary products or services can increase sales, or general uptake of your own.

Our components are designed to work together, and recognize that managing people is not the same as managing content, and that there remains tremendous untapped potential for interactivity when promoting or supporting products and projects... for this we have integrated a dedicated mark-up app. called onekana™.


Start with your own list or scope...

And/Or scope a project with our library of components. Your finished list will build your app.

A platform can be modified in the same way.

Example drag and drop:

Use Library
Example Components
  • Availability Calendar
  • Appointment Booker
  • Vouchers & Discounts
  • Project Team Builder
  • Journey Time Calculator
Your Platform (drag them here):

Onekana™: (Technical & Project Mark Up *)

Mark up: as you add items and objects to your graphics you are:

  1. building a supporting app. with app menu and additional control panel if required.
  2. managing the relevant parts of your platform and content.
  3. setting up a visual search and locate tool.
  4. creating an animated presentation because the mark up can be played like a video when you have finished (as can the search results).

There are different tools for different types of graphic to integrate with your platform: some examples are represented here linking to the relevant onekana section.

There is a full demonstration with playback at www.onekana.com.

About this site:

GoesGlobal™ was originally a community project, but following a restructuring it is now dedicated to the many applications and content management tools that were languishing behind logins. Building these into a front end framework (Twitter's Bootstrap) has allowed them to become flexible, and "mobile" in the sense that they can be mixed and matched for bespoke solutions, and designed "up".

So rather than a community going global, it is yourproject.goesglobal instead. This is explained above, but if this site has one main goal, it is that you should be able to discuss a project with me, or have a meeting with any knowledgeable consultant, and at the end of the meeting have something that you can log into, and start using right away.

If there are gaps, or modifications, then these are defined - a couple of lines is usually all you need - it can be built on and built in later by any of the above.

The community dimension is now handled by www.globaldistrict.com. With some of the platforms a community dimension can be plugged in (e.g. a tenant association), in others they can be shared, and so "expanded" into communities (marketplaces, festivals, community services). The intended benefits of this are described on Global District.

The mark up application that could do so much it drove me mad, is now a standalone application here and is called onekana™, and is a key differentiator for many of the platforms: www.onekana.com.