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Mobile Engineer / Technical

With On Site Troubleshooting

  • Searchable Projects & Mark Up

  • Optimized Route Planner

  • All Mobile Professional Options

  • All Commercial Options

Mobile Engineer / Technical

Mark up technical installations, and / or supporting component replacements with how to's to support on-site troubleshooting by engineers. Appointment booking can be based on the mobile professional model, or on optimized journey routes.

This can also be added as a module to the commercial package for advanced support services for product sales.

These are the core components we have organized into folders as a starter "Mobile Engineer / Technical" Platform.

You can start with this using our default set up, and modify it later with us if you want.

You can drag and drop re-order these to get a feel, but to actually modify or add components choose "create & modify".

Start with Platform
  • Technical Applications / Installations
  • Area and District Management
  • Products & Services
  • Installation Mark Up
  • Staff / People
  • Appointments & Availability
  • Order Management
  • Customer Management
  • Route Optimizer
  • Merchant Accounts / Paypal
  • Marketing & Media
  • News, Blogs, Articles, Notices
  • Event Management
  • Projects - Play
  • Image Management.
  • Image Categories
  • Slideshows & Carousels
  • Media
  • FAQs
  • Groups & Communications
  • Manage Groups & Networks.
  • Email Communications
  • Introduce
  • Endorsements / Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Reward Programmes
  • Administration
  • About Us / Profile
  • People
  • Google Maps & Directions v3
  • Area and District Management
  • Logins: multi user levels
  • Account & Transaction History
  • Set Up / configuration options

Getting started: What you need.

The main point of this is the on-site, and / or remote support service that can be provided with searchable, marked up trouble shooting graphics and schematics.

Some straightforward examples:

  • fuses in switchboxes
  • anything throwing up an error code - each error code can link through to an interactive showing what to replace or what to do.

So essential therefore is good quality product / installation / component photographs correctly marked up (see onekana) with the necessary information points /  replacement component parts / hazard locations ... as applicable for your technical support services.